Our Service Mantra has been On Time, On Budget and With Care. And it is this strong line of thought that has acted as our guiding force and helped and aided us in our Removals Services to date.

We follow a planned removal process when it comes to your precious pianos. We encase them and cover them with moving blankets and then we bind it tightly so that the keys are not damaged enroute or during the whole moving process. And after which we strap them on to dollies and is loaded and transported to its new destination.

And we also follow similar methods when it comes to a furniture removal which could be either from your residence or even office.

To aid in all our removals, especially, pianos, we have a tailgate loaded large truck that we use specifically to aid these types of removals.

Place your trust in us and you have our word! Our seal of guarantee covers the specialised removals service we offer.

If you would like to spare yourself the trouble and the anguish of moving your furniture or grand pianos safely and securely, it is best to hire the services of Home Movers Gold Coast to undertake the job and you can be hassle-free and stress-free!

For a free consultation or if you are free quotes, please share your service request to our email IDs You may call us anytime on these numbers, 0419631648 or 0420 273 393.

Our Service Mantra
has been On Time, On Budget and With Care
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